Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Here are some of the sketches I did from the Drink and Draw; the top image is pieced together incorrectly (need to remember to get a sketchbook that fits my scanner correctly next time I get one) but it's not too bad. Otherwise the ones show here are more my favorites; pretty much all observational stuff, but it was fun regardless.

And some studies of rhinos. Figured since I did the boxing rhino a little bit ago I should keep with them as a subject hehe. These were done in Flash; good practice sketching digitally as well as with line weight using flash's brush (to a degree at least). The two marked with asterisks are from reference (man I've been spelling asterisk wrong for a while).


  1. haha awww i think i recognize me, megan, kim, jamie, and alex..WHY ARE THERE NO SARA KINGS?!

  2. lol Yep yep you guys are all in there! I would have drawn Sara but she was sitting on the same side as me and Jesus was inbetween us; I know it's no excuse! Next time for sure! haha