Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hello, finally posting this month; been kinda crazy figuring out some life things, but I have started to draw more! Hopefully I can keep the momentum going and get some finished work done; yes though, on to the drawings!

Finished this image for my friends Drink and Draw get together (happening tonight actually); didn't come out exactly how I wanted it too but it was good practice. Much different sort of thing than I usually do, but I enjoyed it and hopefully I'll take another stab at it/make something along the same lines at some point. Sorry about the size of the image, forgot to size it down.

And these are some recent sketches, started off with some random faces then moved into environments. For some reason I've been obsessed with drawing rocks and rock formations lately (imagined ones I guess). Might be because of some sketches a friend from (Emily Su) did recently, and a couple of them had these really nice pen sketches of rocks. Also I'm a huge fan of Tom Scholes work, and his environments are always amazing. So yea just drawing some environments, trying to play with foreground-middleground-background separation as well as line weight.

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