Sunday, February 20, 2011


While I'm getting things scanned in, here's a quick study I did today from the artist Earl Oliver Hurst, this great illustrator from the 50s. Love his body shapes and the way he draws ladies; ended up drawing a hand from one of his drawings as well as an attempt at this lovely drawing. I drew it pretty quick and I notice a good number of flaws (face is too large among others), will probably take another stab at it at a slower pace when I can.

Also, I found that artist on Today's Inspiration, a blog that goes over a large number of illustrators from the 40's and 50's. Really good study and inspiration material!

Be back with more! Thanks for lookin'!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

PS Sketch dump

Sooo, that whole frequent update thingy I said at some point previously? Well, let's just say that I'm going to be trying harder to keep that up from now on!

I have been doing art things! Mostly just sketches and the like, but I have realized that I tend to progress the most when I'm constantly drawing. At some point I stopped carrying a sketchbook on me in the last few years and I feel like around then is when I plateaued. I used to be a gesture and sketchbook fool, just trying to draw wherever and whomever I could; and, ideally, I can get back there. BUT ENOUGH OF ALL THAT.

FIRST UP, a study of a laundry detergent bottle and an environment sketch. After these I decided to move back to gray scale studies/doodles for a bit to work a bit more on my values. Stopped a bit early on in the study, started to move to the next level of rendering and then thought the better of it.

So, sometime between the above sketches and the ones below I went to the MIT Robot Museum in Cambridge, MA. And while my robot designs are not like the actual robots they have there (and they have some pretty amazing robots might I add) , I had a fun time with em.

Pretty simple shapes, but I figured it's good practice in rendering forms and also in painting in PS in general. I started to try pushing the value scale a bit more in these next ones; still need alot of practice with it but I think they are working pretty well at the moment. The bottom one (little floating guy with the eye-ball (HA)) was probably the most finished PS thing I've done in a while, definitely had a good time with him. The rendering came out a bit softer than I'd have liked but I'm happy overall.

And last but not quite least, this weird looking dude happened at some point. Mostly just playing with shape and then trying to identify form with this one. Not sure why he's got such an intense look going though, or why he's saying NO (though it also sort of looks like NJ).

Alrighty though, I'll be back shortly with more things! Got a bunch of things to scan, just being laaazy (plus I recently started doing some freelance work once again). Also, not sure if I've mentioned him on here before but I highly recommend taking a look at the work of Rob Laro. Huge fan of his style and his modeling/texturing work, definitely a huge inspiration.

Yes though, thanks for looking!