Monday, June 29, 2009

Some more doodles

Trying to stay a bit more consistent with posts, so here's a few things I've doodles in the last week or so. Nothing spectacular but hey I had fun with em.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A little movement

Wee, almost another month down without a post. I HAVE been doing things... just been lazy with posting I guess. I'll probably try to put up a more as the days/week goes on, perhaps some figure drawings or more walk cycles or something.

Been reading through the Animator's Survival Kit again, and decided I should be doing at least one walk cycle/animation a day; figure it's good practice and if I'm doing it alot then I'll actually improve. So yep did a cycle yesterday and today. Also "finished" a stationary breathing cycle (I guess that's what it would be?) on a "sprite" I did in Flash (no idea if it's technically a sprite that way, but hey).

Fun trying to come up with unique walks... I apologize for the tearing on both of these, for some reason flash was showing a bunch of vector points when I had the color count a bit higher (lowered them to 4 colors each and it got rid of them, left the tearing though).

And this is the sprite I was workin on. For some reason I've had a tendency to draw variations of whales when I'm doodling; first one was a Whalespider, which I've yet to animate for some reason (probably because of 8 legs) and this one is an armored Land Whale. Still things I'd like to add, but this was a really fun experiment in using flash.