Monday, September 27, 2010

In before October

Back with some sketches, a drawing done in flash, and the walk cycle I came up with for that robot.

I tend to forget alot of times that doing some quick sketches from reference is a really good way to get the gears going. I haven't sketched in photoshop (or in a raster/pixel based program for that matter) for a little while up to this point, so these were helpful for getting my hand to steady on the tablet a bit more. The judo throw is from reference, though everything else came after and was from imagination.

This was mostly practice in process; I did a rough sketch, laid in the structure, then started blocking in colors and adding details. As I worked though I quickly began to dislike my color choices, pose, and proportions, so I just wrapped it up so I could move on. It is a full body shot but I feel that this is the only area that came out well. EDIT: Forgot to mention this was done in Flash.

And last but not least, here's an attempted walk cycle for the robot. I was really stubborn about how his feet should move (no bend in the feet themselves) hoping it would add to the character. Unfortunately I went with a more standard walk so it ended up not coming out exactly as I wanted (if I were to go back and do it again I'd make it more stompy I think). Once I finished the legs I just laid in basic motion for the rest of the body, figure I can mess with the timing and spacing later on should I feel like it. Fun practice working with symbols either way.

Friday, September 10, 2010

A long time comin'

So 4 months almost to the day, eh? Been a looooong time; I am back with something though! Been quite a varied 4 months, got my first taste of some freelance work among other things. I learned quite alot and I've been trying to apply those things I learned to my personal work. I HAVE been doing personal art the last 4 months (observational and sketchbook work as usual, as well as working my way through Preston Blair bit by bit) I've just been quite lazy on scanning (plus I figure gestures and studies get boring to look at... not that that doesn't mean I shouldn't dump em all on here every once in a while). ALL GONNA CHANGE THOUGH, got some sketchbook drawings as well as two things I've done in Flash.

Now, assuming you aren't reading this in an RSS reader, you've likely noticed the new BG and banner. I don't have a blue shirt with a fist on it, that grey-brown of pants, nor am I that round in face or smug in expression (and I'm almost positive that sort of swirl in the BG has been done many, many times), but I was pretty happy with it. I'll post up the image by itself shortly.


This little grey guy with the glowy eyes is a robot I made in Flash. The thing with him, however, is that he is made up of symbols within Flash and I plan to animate him sooon. Figure it's good practice animating with symbols and it'll be nice seeing what I can do with em.

And the BG image. I kinda like the fast render version in Flash, might export that and put it up later.

MORE TO COME. Also, sorry I apologize if anything is difficult to read, still working out which colors work with this set up.