Monday, April 23, 2012

Standin on planes

Some photoshop sketches! After looking at some artists and doing some studies, I've started to drop perspective lines to help me ground the character in space a bit better. Not a super complicated idea but it's definitely helping a bunch I think. That's also why they're standing on rectangles in these.

Realized afterwards they are standing at pretty similar angles and are facing the same way. Gotta vary it up!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Caps, Coats, and a Chick

Slight delay in this post, had some things I wanted to put up then got sick. Back with em now though!

First up are some sketches I did in PS looking at the blog The Sartorialist. Some really great photographs of people will all sorts of fashion, great to draw from. Definitely get some interesting shapes I wouldn't have thought up myself. 

I darked out her eye because the image sorta looked sinister, but probably also because I was listening to Nightcall by Kavinsky a bunch. These next ones are some digital studies, pretty loose overall (specifically the second). The first one is actually a little chick towel I have sitting on my desk, second one is from an image.