Monday, April 9, 2012

Caps, Coats, and a Chick

Slight delay in this post, had some things I wanted to put up then got sick. Back with em now though!

First up are some sketches I did in PS looking at the blog The Sartorialist. Some really great photographs of people will all sorts of fashion, great to draw from. Definitely get some interesting shapes I wouldn't have thought up myself. 

I darked out her eye because the image sorta looked sinister, but probably also because I was listening to Nightcall by Kavinsky a bunch. These next ones are some digital studies, pretty loose overall (specifically the second). The first one is actually a little chick towel I have sitting on my desk, second one is from an image.


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    1. Yep yep! Was browsing the EarthPorn subreddit on Reddit and found this image . Really liked the colors so figured why not try and paint it!