Monday, February 27, 2012

Update update update

2012! Last post was once again about 4 months ago if I count correctly, can't make that a trend. I've got a few recent things, figure I should post up something just to get the ball rolling.

Going oldest to newest, here's a sketch I did at work a few weeks ago that I liked. The paper it was on was a bright yellow and had a Soup2Nuts symbol on it, so I shopped it out then changed the background color to white.

These next few are sketches from the last day or so, some sketches out of my head and some studies from a Fred Moore short "All the Cats Join In" 

Last but not least is a walk cycle. Been slowly but surely learning how to animate in Maya, mostly been practicing walk cycles.

Learned recently you could embed quicktime movies with Dropbox, really cool stuff! Yes though I'm going to try and update more frequently, even if the updates are just sketches/studies. So until the next update!

And since the first line fits well: