Monday, September 27, 2010

In before October

Back with some sketches, a drawing done in flash, and the walk cycle I came up with for that robot.

I tend to forget alot of times that doing some quick sketches from reference is a really good way to get the gears going. I haven't sketched in photoshop (or in a raster/pixel based program for that matter) for a little while up to this point, so these were helpful for getting my hand to steady on the tablet a bit more. The judo throw is from reference, though everything else came after and was from imagination.

This was mostly practice in process; I did a rough sketch, laid in the structure, then started blocking in colors and adding details. As I worked though I quickly began to dislike my color choices, pose, and proportions, so I just wrapped it up so I could move on. It is a full body shot but I feel that this is the only area that came out well. EDIT: Forgot to mention this was done in Flash.

And last but not least, here's an attempted walk cycle for the robot. I was really stubborn about how his feet should move (no bend in the feet themselves) hoping it would add to the character. Unfortunately I went with a more standard walk so it ended up not coming out exactly as I wanted (if I were to go back and do it again I'd make it more stompy I think). Once I finished the legs I just laid in basic motion for the rest of the body, figure I can mess with the timing and spacing later on should I feel like it. Fun practice working with symbols either way.

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