Thursday, May 28, 2009

Some doodles and some youtube things

Hello, I'm back again with a few more doodles... I've yet to animate anything new (I started something but yeaaa, no idea if it'll actually become anything) but I have been drawing a lot more in flash. I'm starting to get more of a feel for the brush tool and drawing in it again... amazing what stepping away from drawing on the computer for a bit can do.

Been getting really frustrated with my drawing abilities lately... so I'm trying to find more of a solid style I enjoy and feel I could animate more easily in. I've also been trying to look at artists whom I would sort of like to draw like (which is never a bad thing to do); was thinking about Joshuathejames' work while I was drawing the fro guy (love his stuff).

And here's a link to my (re-edited) demo reel on youtube and a link to my youtube page for some more animation stuffs.

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