Saturday, May 23, 2009

Slightly older things and one recent

Completely forgot that I had scanned these in; most of these are a couple weeks old at this point (at least one--the guy with the curvy arms pointing with one hand--is probably closer to 4 or 5 months old) but I like something in each of them at least a little bit. 

All doodles really; since I suck at more finished drawings I was attempting some more finished things here and there.. probably not all that successful but hey baby steps right? hehe The last drawing was done in flash... haven't used the program for a while and after finally trying Castle Crashers (which was alot of fun) last week, I'd been itching to use flash again. I think he came out alright.. good practice anyway. Didn't animate the guy, though I'll probably take a stab at another character soonish... maybe something a bit more along the lines of a game sprite.

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