Sunday, January 23, 2011

Angry large forehead, Helicopter knife fight

Got a couple of things to share, both done in Photoshop.

This one just sorta started off as a doodle then just slowly turned into this unhappy looking guy. Mostly was just messing with blending a little bit, as well as shape/form; had fun warming up on it, both for my hand and for getting used to drawing in photoshop.

Aaaaand this one was based a random sentence given to me by the lady Katelyn: "A helicopter in a knife fight with a sombrero eating a turkey leg." I didn't manage to fit the turkey leg into it and I'm not too happy with the sombrero so much, but I had fun with it overall; the helicopter was definitely fun. Also, Katelyn gave me that AMAZING pun, which definitely makes it better

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